Message from the CRO of Agrokor to employees

Dear valued employees of the Agrokor Group,

I am addressing you as the new Chief restructuring officer. I have been appointed by the firm to help stabilize its finances. Most importantly, I will be doing everything in my power to preserve jobs.

I am working with a team of experts who have significant past experience from helping firms that have faced similar challenges. We have started all crucial processes to stabilize of the firm in the short-term. We have also begun the strategic restructuring process of the Agrokor Group as we aim to secure its long-term future.

It is of great importance during this work that operations continue as normal. This is where we need your support the most.

We are here to help you. By taking over all tasks related to restructuring, we are enabling you to focus on your everyday work and to be as effective as possible at it. We understand that this situation causes some uncertainty, but by continuing to work as best as possible you will be doing everything you can to help us save Agrokor together.

Challenging times are ahead of all of us during this complex process. This is why I ask you for patience and strength. We will be open and transparent in all our communications. Please do ask us questions by sending them to

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Let’s save Agrokor together!

Antonio Alvarez III,