MG Mivela in the top 3 mineral waters in the world


At one of the most significant world mineral water competitions, MG Mivela water was one of the three finalists.

At the recently held Global Bottled Water Awards in Lisbon, Portugal, MG Mivela was the only natural mineral water without additives that made it to the TOP 3 in the category of functional waters. Compared to other finalists in the category, only MG Mivela achieves its functionality with original natural composition, since two competing waters have achieve it by adding active ingredients.

It is the natural magnesium in MG Mivela that places it at the very top of functional waters. As MG Mivela is drawn from deep layers of ground where it is in contact with rocks and as a result of this it has a rich and unique mineral composition. The natural magnesium in MG Mivela is in soluble form which the body easily absorbs from the small intestine into the bloodstream making this a clear example of functionality. What separates MG Mivela from other sources in the area are its physical and chemical characteristics that make its mineral composition specific worldwide. The reason for this lies in the interrelation of dissolved electrolytes in MG Mivela, their individual and their total quantity.

MG Mivela is specific as a mineral water that comes in two versions – sparkling and mildly sparkling.

MG Mivela, thanks to its natural magnesium, became part of world’s elite and entered the finals of one of the most significant competitions of mineral waters in the world.