Mivela – abundance of natural magnesium

Mivela – abundance of natural magnesiumJamnica d.d. is launching a new sparkling mineral water, Mivela, on the Croatian market. Based on the specific ratio and amount of dissolved minerals, primarily magnesium and hydrogen carbonate, Mivela differs from all the other magnesium-rich waters on our market. Natural mineral water Mivela contains 330 milligrams of magnesium per litre and has a favourable effect on one’s health. Magnesium is one of the most important intracellular minerals – over 350 vital cellular reactions directly depend on it, while the high concentration of Mg++ is why Mivela is recommended for everyday consumption, regardless of age or gender. Mivela’s characteristic structure, rich with large amounts of magnesium and hydrogen carbonates (HCO3-), enables the body to absorb and utilise the magnesium for vital functions. Other magnesium-rich waters contain a larger concentration of sulphates that have a laxative effect. The amount of magnesium per one litre of Mivela mineral water fulfils the daily needs of the human body for this mineral, without unwanted side-effects to digestion. The role of magnesium is multiple and varied: it alleviates the stress-related consequences of nervousness, irritation, headaches, indigestion, sleep disorders, muscle tension, etc. Magnesium also eases cardiovascular problems, stabilises the heart rate and blood pressure, contributes to the regulation of blood sugar levels, helps metabolism in general, maintains the immune system, and enables quick recovery after physical strain.

Since the body cannot create minerals by itself, including magnesium, we have to keep taking it by way of food or water in a recommended amount. Even the World Health Organisation highlights the importance of magnesium in drinking water, because scientific research often finds that the magnesium in water is crucial in preventing heart attacks and hypertension, and is a benefit to those with cardiovascular problems. In addition to hydrating the body, which is extremely important, drinking mineral water everyday ensures the body its necessary minerals, while the consumption of Mivela ensures a balanced magnesium level, without severe oscillation. For that reason, the recommended daily amount of Mivela for adults is one litre, drank throughout the day.