Mivela – Magnesium from nature

In recent days, Jamnica d.d. started the distribution of a new carbonated natural mineral water under the name of Mivela. This carbonated natural mineral water is rich in magnesium, a mineral that is of vital importance for the regular functioning of the human organism. Since a large number of people nowadays suffer from lack of magnesium without knowing it, Mivela offers an adequate supplement to regular nutrition.

Mivela – Magnesium from natureMagnesium, which is in the natural mineral water in hydrogen-carbonated form, has the following role in the organism:

  • It can alleviate stress which manifests itself as nervousness, petulance, headache, digestion problems, sleep disorders and muscle tension.
  • It alleviates cardiovascular disorders and stabilizes the heart.
  • It participates in blood sugar level regulation.
  • It helps regulate blood pressure.
  • It improves the general metabolic system of the organism and helps in maintaining the immune system.
  • It assists recovery of the organism after physical stress.
  • In the period from 9/11 till 31/12/2009, Mivela can be purchased at a promotional price. For more information please