Modern Pig Breeding In Belje – Combination Of Science And Practical Work

Belje and Centre for Livestock Breeding Improvement Sign Cooperation Agreement

Belje and the Centre for Livestock Breeding Improvement from Osijek today signed a Cooperation Agreement. The business cooperation in the domain of the world’s top genetics used by Belje in its modern pig breeding system was presented as part of the signing ceremony.

This new and modern concept includes specialisation within the pig breeding production in order to maximise results in each production process. The female genetic lines are located on Belje’s farms, whereas the male genetics, comprising top quality boar breeds of Belje (PIC, Seghers), are located on a specialised farm owned and managed by the Centre for Livestock Breeding Improvement.

The Center’s specialists will produce boar semen for artificial insemination, using state-of-the-art standards and scientific achievements.

The major part of the produced genetic material is intended for the pig breeding system within Belje and Belje contract farming. However, a certain quantity of the world’s top genetics will also be available to other manufacturers on the free market. The use of such genetics ensures a considerable improvement in the pig breeding industry, providing for better quality and competitiveness.

As announced at the press conference, the goal of the project is to follow global trends in the production of pork meat, comprising genetics, fertilisation and reproduction processes, conditions of animal keeping, production and feeding systems as well as an integrated environmental management system.