Most powerful women in business awards

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As part of the „Women in business“ conference, the Lider magazine traditionally introduced the list of 300 most powerful women in Croatian business

“For years Ljerka Puljić is the most powerful woman in Croatian business, so we have come to an agreement with her to keep her out of the competition and present her with a special recognition for the tenth anniversary of leading our list” – highlighted Manuela Tašler, deputy chief editor of Lider at the very beginning of the ceremony.

So a special acknowledgement was given to Ljerka Puljić, Member of the Agrokor Supervisory Board after ten years of being the most powerful woman in Croatian business. On this occasion she said: “I would like to commend this initiative by Lider weekly magazine as it serves as positive affirmation of women in business and as an recognition, but also as a way to identify the ones who are giving everything to work and the ones who are successful in this. I wish that the future winners of this award think of it as an incentive to their work and a recognition that they have earned.” – said Puljić who also became president of the organization board for the “Women in business” conference. She is also leading the list of 100 most powerful female members of supervisory boards. 

Iva Balent, the Executive Director of Agrokor Corporate Marketing is ranked at a high third position this year on the list of most powerful businesswomen. This moves her 3 places up in relation to last year’s position and is a recognition of her leadership at the head of one of the most successful and most creative marketing teams in Croatia.
On the list of 150 most powerful female members of the management boards Piruška Canjuga, Executive Vicepresident for Agrokor Business Development took first place.

The most powerful businesswoman in Croatia in 2015 is President of the Ericsson Nikola Tesla Management Board Gordana Kovačević, and on the list of most powerful women are: 
Members of the Management Boards: Irena Jendriš - PIK Vrbovec, Spomenka Bilić - Mercator-H, Ljiljana Malić - Belje, Katarina Fratrić - Jamnica, Ankica Slobodanac - Ledo, Zdenka Majcan - Roto Dinamic, Vesna Kovačević - Zvijezda
Members of the Supervisory Boards: Ljerka Puljić – Agrokor, Gordana Horvat – Konzum, Tatjana Rukavina – Agrokor, Erika Zgrablić - Tisak
Marica Mirković – Belje, Marica Guina Torres Dujisin – Ledo, Manuela Ćelić Marušić - Zvijezda