Motorized yacht Riva 85 Opera owned by Agrokor is available for inspection by potential buyers in Zadar from August 8


Agrokor’s extraordinary administration had published online a public call for the show of interest in the purchase of movable assets on May 26 2017, specifically for a motorized yacht and a helicopter. This was the start of the process of selling movable assets that are not necessary for business operations of Agrokor d.d. and its companies. Since the call was published, 15 statements expressing interest for the purchase of the yacht and 12 statements expressing interest for the purchase of the helicopter arrived. All parties who have shown their interest for the purchase in this manner will be directly notified on the details of further proceedings in the selling process.

In the meantime, a decision has been made to sell Agrokor’s assets which includes the hiring of specialized sales agents for movable and real-estate property. For the purpose of selling the yacht, among multiple offers, Navis Marine d.o.o. from Zagreb was selected as a sales agency. Navis Marine is a renowned company that specializes in intermediation and consulting in the shipping industry and offers their clients a wide selection of new and second-hand boats of quality and reputable manufacturers. 

The object being sold is a motorized yacht model Riva 85 Opera named “Jana”, manufactured in 2006 with a total length of 23.86 m. Asking price is EUR 1.4 million. The price does not include VAT and the taxation will be determined according to the buyer’s taxation status. The selling process, susceptible to the terms from and related to the extraordinary administration process, anticipates the possibility of buyers inspecting the yacht, familiarizing themselves with the preconditions of the potential sale, collection of offers and the verification of qualifications of received offers, with the application of the highest price criteria. Buyers are expected to provide a guarantee of seriousness of the tender while the preposition of the purchase contract will be prepared by the seller.

All interested potential buyers can forward their offers to Navis Marine d.o.o. as an official sales agent for the process of selling this yacht to contact e-mail: , no later than October 1 2017. Agrokor’s extraordinary administration reserves the right to deny the signing of the purchase and sale contract after the offers are collected and analyzed.

The yacht Riva 85 Opera was undergoing regular service and maintenance at a dry dock in Italy at the time the extraordinary administration was initiated, and as of last night, it is located in a marina in Zadar. As for the inspection, all parties interested in the purchase will be required to sign the standard “Contract on pre-purchase boat survey” and for the purposes of the inspection and a trial run they will have to pay a certain fee according to the value of the yacht, as is customary in the selling process of movable property of high value. The inspection of the vessel will be possible since Tuesday, August 8 for those who fulfill the above mentioned conditions.

Similar procedure will be applied in the selling process for the helicopter, where the agent selection process is being finalized.

The extraordinary administration expects to have the selling process completed by October. During the movable assets sales as well as other Agrokor property, the focus of the extraordinary administration will continue to be on maintaining a transparent and open process and achieving maximum value.