mStartUp – innovation initiative


For us innovation is every conscious positive change

 The fact that brilliant ideas push the world forward is well known at mStart, as well as that employees are the most valuable part of the company and this is why they have decided to start an initiative called mStartUp in which they invited their employees to participate with their ideas in improvement and creation of company’s solutions and services.

“The cooperation of people with different knowledge and experience is the source of innovation and it is essential for the future of mStart. Therefore, it is our mission to improve, develop and strengthen cooperation within the company as well as the cooperation with clients, partners, academic institutions and every other community with which we are connected. We wish to create new opportunities, find new challenges and shape the future together.” highlighted Mate Krpan, CEO of mStart.

Marina Meštrović, head of Innovations department pointed out: “Operationally the initiative will be conducted by the Innovations department and every employee will be its active participant through the platform for exchanging and implementing ideas. Every idea is important to us –those that contribute to incremental change and the ones that bring radical changes or improvements.”

Coffee or tea at the beginning of the working day – is an everyday repetitive activity and an ideal opportunity for innovation that can improve our work surroundings. As an example of a positive change and upcoming activity, the Innovations department distributed a personalized coffee mug with mStartUp logo to every employee.