New Agrokor's 1 billion Kuna investment

Agrokor and GH holding signed a Contract for the first biogas plant

Today a Contract was signed in Agrokor for the construction of the first biogas plant with 1MW installed power between the companies GH-Holding from Slovenia and Agrokor Energija. The first Agrokor's biogas plant will be constructed on the location Gradec near Vrbovec. On behalf of GH Holding from Slovenia, present during the signing of the Contract were: Mr Blaž Miklavčič, Chairman of the Management Board of GH Holding, Mr Roland Tušar, Manager of the Ecology and Energetics Department GH Holding d.d. and Mr Peter Polanič, Chairman of the Management Board of Panvita d.d., while Agrokor's representatives present at the signing were Mr Ivica Todorić, Chairman of Agrokor Concern, Mr Mislav Galić, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Food Business Group, Mr Ivica Tomljenović, Procurement Executive Manager in Agrokor and Mr Herman Seidl, Agrokor Energija Manager. The plan of Agrokor Energija is the construction of the biogas plants with the total installed power of around 30 MW within the following 5 years. The estimated value of the investment for this project is 1 billion Kuna.This is the beginning of the great Agrokor's project for the construction of biogas plants based on organic waste and waste created during the production process in food industry. Enabling the farms to dispose waste on their own will not only reduce the costs for waste disposal but it will also reduce energy costs through their own production. This is extremely important for maintaining competitiveness in production. Besides biogas, a by-product is also heat energy which can be used for polythene greenhouse production and dry kilns and organic manure. As a result, biogas plants have a big potential and this project also represents a confirmation of high level of ecological awareness in Agrokor.Agrokor's partner in the realization of this project is GH Holding - a Slovenian construction holding company with years-long experience in the realization of a number of construction, ecological and energy projects and the construction of biogas plants, therefore it was a logical choice for partnership.The beginning of the construction of biogas plants is in tune with Agrokor's business strategy based on the principles of sustainable development, which are implemented in all business segments on a daily basis.