New alfalfa dehydrator presented in Belje

Investment in high-quality stock-cattle feed increases the quantity and quality of milk produced at the farms in Belje

New alfalfa dehydrator presented in BeljeTop-quality cattle-raising production in Belje requires high-quality raw materials and stock-cattle feed. New technologies for preparing stock-cattle feed ensure that the quality of raw-material is maintained as well as possible so that the state-of-the art technology for alfalfa hay production was presented at the Popovac farm today. Alfalfa as a crop is particularly rewarding in milk production; however its major problem is the dehydration and the maintenance of high quality hay. Losses in traditional production reach up to 40% and the quality of the stock-cattle feed produced is medium at the most. We have invested 15 million KN in the new production line for hay dehydration to ensure top-quality stock-cattle feed from the green mass superbly produced.

The SCOLARI line with fully automatic control when hydrating hay has a capacity of 3.5 t of dried alfalfa per hour. At the end of the dehydration process hay is packed in 600-kilo bales. The chain, which includes mowing and making semi-dried green mass, also contains new mowing equipment of high production capacity that reduces the costs of making dried hay. Feed produced in this way contains all the nutrients and in parallel provides top hygiene quality. From this year onward, Belje is producing hay for dairy cows in this way and in doing so increases the quality of stock-cattle feed in each meal, which results in the increased quality and quantity of the milk produced. Monitoring of the production chain from the fields to stock-cattle feed to the final product and introduction of new technologies increases the value of our production and quality. Stock-cattle feed of higher quality and a new concept of feeding cows increases milk production at the Belje farms by at least 30%, additionally improving milk quality, which is of particular importance for the further processing of the milk into top-quality dairy products.