New design for the famous PIK Mortadella

New design for the famous and seductive flavor of PIK Mortadella makes it even more attractive to all the lovers of traditional Italian dishes. Modern PIK logo label is now  on the front of the product that is attractive red  for the classic PIK Mortadella and green  for PIK Mortadella with olives reminding us of juicy olives in PIK Mortadella with olives.Innovative new packaging states  that the quality is premium and top, this is a premium top quality product, made from only from the finest ingredients and followong famous Italian recipes.The green color on the new label design for PIK Mortadella with olives is reminiscent of Mediterranean cuisine and its most prized olives, which refines the well-known taste of mortadella. On the other hand, an elegant dark red color is synonymous with superior quality pork from which PIK Mortadella is prepared,with the addition of finest spices.PIK Mortadella is perfect for lovers of aromatic sandwiches and a cold plate because they are in excellent  harmony with fresh vegetables, cream cheese, olives and capers. Depending on the dish, Mortadella can be cut into thin slices or thicker cubes which are great for  quick and tasty finger food.PIK Mortadella with olives or  classic will make any party a memorable culinary experience for the refined palate.Meet an Italian specialty prepared in PIK way!New design for the famous PIK Mortadella