In June the natural mineral water Jamnica was presented on the market with its new visual identity, which is the result of co-operation with Interbrand, a well-known world marketing company. Its redesogn comprised change of the bottle shape and the label, resulting in a fine combination of tradition and a modern design, which are characteristics of the market leader - Jamnica. Since 1828, when the first bottles were filled up, until today the system of Jamnica mineral water has remained the same, which proves the extraordinary quality of underground springs protected by the nature from all kinds of pollution. Jamnica, a refreshing drink with a beneficial effect on human health is characterized by a unique taste, a balanced composition of minerals and carbonated nature. This winner of the Croatian Quality sign, won the prestigeous EAUSCAR award for the best carbonated mineral water at Aqua Expo in Paris in 2003. Besides the changes of visual identity of Jamnica mineral water a new glass packing of the natural spring water Jana was presented in June. Jana is now packed in 330 ml and 750 ml bottles. The new "glass design" of this high quality spring water is modern, minimalistic and transparently attractive, which provides competitive advantage in the corresponding way. Jana strawberry-guava won at Aqua Expo in 2004 the first prize in the category of flavoured waters, whereas in 2005 Jana was proclaimed the best spring water at the same fair. With its extraordinary quality and sophisticated looks Jana in a glass bottle will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of all good restaurants and coffee bars.