New ice cream season!

At the beginning of the ice cream season 2007 Ledo enriched its assortment with a wide range of new ice creams. Ledo ice cream fans will from now on have the opportunity to enjoy its rich palette of new products:

New ice cream season!KING EXTRA STRAWBERRY A new combination of flavours comes from the KING EXTRA ice cream group. It is a rich blend of strawberry ice cream enriched by large strawberry pieces covered by crispy white chocolate with a lot of cereals. King extra strawberry is a special kind of ice cream because its perfect blend of flavours is supplemented by large and sweet-smelling strawberry pieces.

New ice cream season!MAXIMO The new maxi ice cream cone has a seductive appearance and flavour. It is a blend of vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut in a waffle enriched by the nougat cream and strewed with hazelnut crunches. A new maxi ice cream cone for the maximum pleasure!

New ice cream season!WINNIE THE POOH In Cupertino with Disney Ledo has for its youngest ice cream fans prepared a new ice cream popsicle in the shape of a popular character Winnie the Pooh. A rich flavour and attractive combination of white chocolate and ganduie (mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts) will bring joy to our youngest consumers in the coming hot days.

New ice cream season!CAR POPSICLE AND CAR CUP Absolute hit ice creams this summer – Car Popsicle and Car Cup! You can enjoy the new car ice creams with your children! Car Popsicle and Car Cup are the ice creams of a seductive combination of chocolate and vanilla and the Car Cup has an irresistible flavour of a sponge cake and biscuits. In each car ice cream you can find car stickers, which can be put into the Car Album. The prize for the full album is PLAYSTATION®3!

New ice cream season!KISS The seductive ice cream Kiss is a combination of strawberry and vanilla covered with cocoa. The new Kiss ice creams give you a present – about 100 different tattoos: black and white tattoo, glitter tattoo, diamond tattoo.....

New ice cream season!PUNCH POPSICLE In this ice cream season you can again find in Ledo refrigerators a punch popsicle covered by cocoa – the good old recognisable punch flavour of Ledo!