Investments to the amount of 15 m HRK have been made into the dairy products plant of Belje in Beli Manastir

Today a new filling line of ABC cheese has been put into operation in the dairy products plant of Belje in Beli Manastir. The new line, which is placed on the premises of one of the most important production plants within Belje, has been put into operation by Mr Krešimir Bubalo, Head of the Oslječko-Baranjska County accompanied by Mr Davorin Bubalović, Mayor of Beli Manastir, hosts from Belje and Agrokor as well as representatives of the political and social life of the county and the town of Beli Manastir. This 15 mil. HRK worth investment is just one of the many investments made into modernisation of the operations within Belje. The invested amount is to be used for purchase of a new production line, reconstruction of the facilities, development of new tastes and creation and promotion of a new packing design. In 2006 the dairy products plant plans to develop new products, increase the production volume and to invest into new equipment in order to become the leading plant in this segment following the European standards. Accordingly, the new filling line of the German supplier Waldner presents the state-of-the-art equipment for cream cheese filling with the filling capacity of 2 t per hour. The plant has also a new top-quality DMA cooling tunnel, which considerably reduces the time between production and delivery in order to preserve the quality and natural characteristics of the product. The ABC cheese is filled at the temperature of 65°C and after its passing through the cooling tunnel, which lasts for 50 minutes, its temperature is lowered to 14°C. The plant is supplied with raw materials from the whole of Baranja comprising the farms of Belje and 300 private sub-contractors. In this way the quality of raw materials and the production process are controlled resulting in a top-quality product with regional characteristics. The ABC cream cheese is expected to become one of the main exporting products of Belje in the future. In February the entire line of the ABC cheese in a new design will be launched on the market. The ABC cheese is a completely natural product produced by a specific technological procedure with its sole components being milk, sour cream and salt. The new design stresses the fresh and natural characteristics of the product and the new cover makes it more user-friendly. According to the trends on the spread cheese market the ABC cheese has been enriched by a palette of tastes adding ham, paprika, vegetables, chives and horse-radish. After acquisition of Belje by Agrokor the sales increased by 43% in 2005 followed by a number of development projects.