New Jana water with the messages by Croatian Olympians presented

Filip Ude, Mislav Galic, Zlatko MateÁa, Filip BrkiÜ.JPG

Messages by Croatian Olympians about love and the heart as the originator of all the hard work and sacrifices that athletes make with one goal in mind, shows that nothing is impossible.

In a year when the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) celebrates 25 years since it was established and ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio, a new edition of Jana water with the messages by Croatian Olympians. Zlatko Horvat, Ivan Čupić, Lucija and Ana Zaninović, Filip Hrgović, Sandra Perković, Filip Ude, Maro Joković, Blanka Vlašić, Giovanni Cernogoraz, Martin and Valent Sinković, Šime Fantela, Petar Muslim, Igor Marenić, Snježana Pejčić as well as Janica i Ivica Kostelić, Toni Kukoč, Dino Rađa and Ivano Balić – are all authors of motivational messages displayed on a new edition of Jana bottles and they all agree on the key message: You can truly win only by competing with heart.

With the edition displaying the messages by Croatian Olympians, Jana wishes to tell a story of love for sport, competing and the challenges that the Olympic Games bring. It is everyone’s goal and desire to be the best, but at the Olympics, as well as in everyday life, everything does not revolve around winning gold and fame. Olympians compete for a dream, for the love of those who support them – because they wish to make excite those who believe in them and who believe in their immeasurable passion for sport. And this love is exactly the message Jana wishes to deliver.

“This edition is an integral part of a Jana’s main “Just love” edition and with the messages of Croatian Olympians we want to tell a story about love in a sports context. Olympians compete with their muscles, strength, talent and spend hours perfecting their technique and physical fitness, but the things that get them in a national team and brings them to the winner’s podium are their heart and love. We bring inspiration to our Olympic athletes and to Croatian national team members whose accomplishments make us feel proud.” said Mislav Galić, CEO of Jamnica d.d.

Zlatko Mateša, the president of Croatian Olympic Committee also addressed the attendees: “So far 67 Croatian athletes in 13 sports earned their place at the Olympic Games. All of them will defend Croatia’s national colors in Rio, as well as their dream to present themselves at the biggest and most important sports event in the world. To make their journey easier, some of them – a total of 21 athletes, 17 out of which are Olympic medalists wanted to share their inspirational thoughts with everyone and encourage positive changes.”

This cooperation confirms the partnership between Croatian Olympic Committee and Jamnica, two top level brands connected by their belief in success and their wish to, through this cooperation, emphasize the value and the importance of promotors of sport values that are the real role models to youth and to us all.