Along with the development of new Juicy flavors, new Juicy characters were born: Juicy apricot, Juicy blueberry, Juicy banana-mango, Juicy black cherry and Juicy pineapple. In line with the strategy of satisfying customers' needs and wishes, Jamnica continues to develop its Juicy fruit juice range. The 0.2 liter bottle labels were redesigned under the common denominator Premium and six new Juicy flavors launched on the market. The former multivitamin nectar in 0.2 l glass bottles has been replaced by a new, richer and tastier 100% multivitamin and the completely new flavors are: 100% pineapple, apricot nectar, blueberry nectar, black cherry nectar and banana-mango nectar. New flavors in liter and half-liter brick packagings are pineapple and black cherry nectar.