New Ledo Frozen Ready Meals

Ledo has been offering frozen ready-cooked dishes on the Croatian market for over a year, in following the European development trends and consumption of frozen food. Ledo frozen dishes are a response to the hectic pace of modern life, where less and less time is spent in the kitchen and time previously spent on preparing food is now devoted to other segments of life. All these factors force us to adopt a more rational and simpler approach to preparing our daily meals, as well to our diet in general. Currently, the Ledo product line includes three "5-minute brand" frozen dishes. They are complete, delicious meals which are quick and simple to prepare. Their brand name speaks for itself – it takes no more than 5-7 minutes to prepare them in a pan. Earlier this year, Ledo expanded its product line with four new products: shellfish risotto, chicken and vegetable risotto, lasagne bolognese and creamed spinach with potato fritters. Lasagne bolognese is a meal prepared in the oven and is ready in 35-40 minutes. It takes 7-8 minutes to prepare creamed spinach with potato fritters in a microwave oven, while the preparation of shellfish risotto and chicken risotto with vegetables takes just 5-7 minutes in a pan, just like all the other "5-minute brand" products. Through the systematic introduction of new frozen dishes, Ledo is providing its loyal consumers with quick, delicious, high-quality and complete meals, and a little extra free time.