New modern manure system of arable land presented in Belje

New modern manure system of arable land presented in BeljeWithin their integral agricultural management, Belje and Agrokor pay particular attention to environment and agricultural resources. As integral agricultural management in Belje implies optimally exploiting all available potentials, the new concept of cattle-raising and crop-farming production is particularly aimed at solid manure and manure management. Intensive cattle-raising production results in large quantities of by-products (solid manure and manure), the management and exploitation of which bring about multiple positive effects in the overall agricultural production. Thus solid manure and manure have become advantageous and valuable in crop-farming, exploitation of which benefits soil structure in parallel, reducing the use of artificial fertilizers. To maximize the effects of the new concept, considerable investment has been made within the integral system of solid manure and manure management in Belje, ranging from tanks and depots for storing and processing manure and solid manure, up to the machines for spreading manure over arable lands. The total investment value amounts to 13 million HRK, the result of which is introduction of state-of-the–art technology for solid manure and manure management in Croatia.

Today at the agricultural land of Belje not far away from Kneževo, equipment was presented made by the companies Samson Agro and Strautmann. The equipment is aimed at transporting and spreading manure and solid manure from cattle-raising facilities. The three-axle system of the Samson "tank truck" has a transport capacity of 2500 l of manure on which a system for spreading solid manure over the land surface itself is installed. The tank truck Samson covers 24m of arable land in a single sweep and is characterized by a high-efficiency level in short period of time. The time of loading/unloading and spreading of manure over the agricultural land is planned and managed by a computer program, while the complete manure process is adjusted to agricultural production for single crops, which also effects cost reduction and proper exploitability of nutrients (N) from the manure itself. The entire system fully meets the highest Croatian and EU norms and was developed by applying the knowledge and experience of EU experts, who have successfully integrated similar systems into the agricultural production of many European countries.