New, strengthened management teams in Agrokor


Agrokor has, through its successful business operations thus far, created a quality management team capable of rising to market driven tasks and challenges. In line with new trends in the development of its companies – whose businesses will become growingly focused on the virtual environment in the future –  and based on the analysis of new business tasks and profiles of its leading managers, Agrokor has decided to further strengthen its management teams.

Therefore, as of December 1st, Dražen Kocijan, current Managing Director of Tisak will take over as Managing Director of Velpro-centar d.o.o, whose future annual revenue is estimated at approximately HRK 4.5 billion, while Hrvoje Kraljević, current CEO of Ledo will become the new Managing Director of Tisak. Dario Vrabec, current Director of Marketing and Development in Ledo, will become the company’s new CEO.

Ivica Tomljenović, current CEO of Agrokor trgovina will become Executive Director of Central Procurement in Agrokor, and he will be succeeded by Robert Jurišić who is now a manager in Agrokor trgovina.

All management teams will be additionally strengthened by new members from the Group as well as from outside of it.