New Two-year Contract between Agrokor Group and Croatian Handball Association

An extremely successful co-operation between the Croatian Handball Association and the Agrokor Group for many years has been continued today by the new Contract on General Sponsorship signed by Mr Ivica Todorić, President of the Agrokor Group and Mr Željko Kavran, President of the Croatian Handball Association. The new Contract comprises a period of two years and according to it the Croatian Handball Association will have an important support of the Agrokor Group in order to continue achieving top sports results, which in the best possible way to promote Agrokor as a powerful international company. Wishing to help the Croatian handball and athletes Agrokor anticipated in a way the excellent success of the representation as early as 2002. Since then Agrokor has continually given its contribution to development of this sport, the top results of which certainly have impact on the increased number of children and young people who have started training handball and other sports, which was Agrokor's goal too as a socially responsible company. After signing the Contract Mr Ivica Todorić expressed his extreme pleasure because of the continued successful co-operation between the two best ones in their fields and pointed out that the permanent success of the Croatian handballers had resulted in the great recognition of the Croatian handball by the world sports community, which was also confirmed by the fact that Croatia is a host of the World Handball Championship in 2009. This event will, besides the showmanship, bring to Croatia a number of benefits, for example the construction of new sports halls, in which future sports talents will be able to train. Finally, Mr Todorić said that it was an honour to be a sponsor of such a famous association and provide a support to such top athletes.

Mr Željko Kavran said the following: "We are extremely honoured and pleased that the leading Croatian corporation Agrokor continues the co-operation with the Croatian Handball Association. Not so long ago, actually four years ago, only a few believed in the power and potentials of the Croatian handball as Agrokor did, which became our general sponsor in the most difficult times. Thanks to the sponsorship and support of the Agrokor Group the Croatian men handball representation won the golden medal at the World Championship in Portugal in 2003 and a year later they won the first place at the Olympics in Athens. The top results of our handballers continued in 2005 when we won the second place in the world in Tunesia. Thanks to Agrokor the Croatian Handball Association invests substantial funds into young handballers - boys and girls, which represent the future of the Croatian handball. I would like to point out the silver medal at the World Junior Championship in 2005 and the golden medal of the novices in 2006. Only large companies with a clear vision invest into sports projects. We hope to continue our top sports results at the World Championship in Germany in 2007 and present the Agrokor Group and the Croatian handball as the most successful ones in the world."