PIK Vrbovec employees win a basketball tournament

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The town of Vrbovec traditionally becomes the center of gastronomy during the last weekend in August as the “Kaj su jeli naši stari” event welcomes visitors from Croatia and neighboring countries.

Apart from a rich gastronomic program that is accompanied by cultural, artistic and entertaining activities, numerous competitions in sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, chess and fishing are also part of this event.

Players for PIK Vrbovec team at this year’s baskeball tournament were Ivan Šantorić, Mario Bervida, Boris Baksa, Boris Jaranović, Ivan Ikić, David Grbešić and Stjepan Lalić. In three tournament games they have won against teams from Zenica, Križevci and Vrbovec and became  tournament champions.

PIK Vrbovec is a company that maintains a strong bond with local community, especially for the reason that many Vrbovec residents work in PIK. PIK is also, for many years, the general sponsor of the event “Kaj su jeli naši stari” where it prepares dishes according to old recipes, but also gives the entire event a humanitarian character by raising funds for children born with heart problems.