PIK Vrbovec invests in new technology

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PIK Vrbovec launches new products and expands prepared meal category with investment of 2.6 million HRK into new roasting technology

PIK Vrbovec has expanded its business to another prepared meal category with increasing demand by adding a new product – PIK Roasted Ham. What makes PIK Roasted Ham specific is its unique appearance and domestic flavor characterized by delicious roasted crust, distinguishing it from other hams on the market. Produced from high quality pieces of pork leg and roasted in the final stage of production, it is immediately ready for consumption. The production of this product is possible with the use of new roasting technology, first such in Croatia and the region, in which PIK Vrbovec has invested 2.6 million HRK. This technology is based on a rapid flow oven with adjustable roasting temperature, allowing roasting as a final phase of the production process and giving the product a typical rich flavor of roasted meat. The product can be found in stores at delicacy departments. PIK Roasted Ham is an ideal ingredient of gourmet plates and salads, and delicious sandwiches. As other PIK hams, the product does not contain flavor enhancers, artificial colors, gluten or soy, and has a reduced salt content.  

At the launch of new PIK Roasted Ham, Ines Bertinovec, Research and Development Director, said: “Due to this new technology, the know-how of our colleagues, their innovation and expertise, and intensive cooperation between R&D, Marketing, Production and Quality Control departments, PIK Vrbovec will bring high quality, domestic products of rich taste and flavor to the homes of the consumers. It is interesting to note that lifestyle research shows that the time spent on food preparation is decreasing and that consumers are looking for food that can be prepared quickly and easily. As many as 20 percent of consumers spend 15 minutes to prepare dinner, and 39 percent of consumer spend less than 15 minutes to prepare lunch. By using new technology, PIK Vrbovec offers its consumers a prepared meal for the entire family, reduces the time required to prepare a meal and gives consumers more time to enjoy and spend with their families. And, what is most important, brings a high-quality, authentic, domestic product of rich taste and flavor to the tables of its consumers”.   

“PIK Vrbovec is a company that continuously invests into innovation, development, creating new meat delicacies and the improvement of production technology. Our guidelines for this latest investment into new technology were market trends as well as a specific market research showing that the main reason for buying prepared and ready-to-eat dishes is lack of time. Today, we have an increasing number of consumers that like quick and simple preparation of meals, which can be seen from the sales of our PIK sliced products. PIK Vrbovec plans to launch many new products with the new roasting technology as an excellent response to the wants and needs of the fast lifestyle of our consumers” said Tihana Vujčić, Marketing Director in PIK Vrbovec.  

According to Mintel, world’s leading market intelligence agency, there are around 4000 new products in the category of prepared meals annually. Furthermore, PIK Vrbovec recognized the potential of this growing category and decided to be the first in Croatia and the region to implement latest technological novelties in this segment. PIK annually launches up to 30 new products, which is significantly above average for meat industries, positioning itself as a trendsetter in the sector.