In the last seven months, after PIK Vrbovec entered the Agrokor Corporation, the amount of 15 mil. HRK has been invested into the new technologies of the meat processing plant. This is the first investment after 10 years aimed at achieving the top position on the Croatia's market in all production segments. In order to show the strenghts and advantages of PIK Vrbovec on the market, which include tradition, experience, know-how and a rich assortment of more than 1,500 products comprising fresh meat, processed meat, ready-cooked meals, medium-life and long-life cans, it was necessary to rebrand the existing PIK trade marks including re-design of all the corporate elements, umbrella brand as well as all the packing units on which the umbrella brand is highly visible. The total come back of PIK to the market is expected in a very short period of less than two years with the strong synergy impact on its success by the Agrokor Corporation. Thus, the production next year is expected to reach the level from 1990, which was the last successful business year of PIK, while the HACCP, the quality control system of the production process, which PIK has, as well as the export numbers for the European Union and the United States of America will enable an easier come back to their old export markets. In the past few days almost all redesigned products (long-life smoked and cured meat products , long-life sausages, medium-life, cooked sausages and medium-life cans) have been launched on the market and can be found in the stores. Customers can enjoy the traditional quality of PIK products in their new redesigned guise. The new advertising campaign has been launched promoting a new corporate identity with the slogan "love at first sight". Through a redesigned logo the company wishes to become the leader in the region and export-oriented. The compaign successfully communicates all the above stated improvements introduced into the operations of PIK Vrbovec.