PIK Vrbovec received recognition for the label Meat from Croatian farms

meso hrvatskih farmi.jpg

The label "Meat from Croatian farms" as additional proof of the quality and origin of meat from PIK Vrbovec

The Ministry of Agriculture awarded PIK Vrbovec for the dedication in applying the label “Meat from Croatian farms” and its yearlong participation in the project of the Croatian Agricultural Agency.

Not more than 4 years ago, PIK Vrbovec was the first industry to recognize the value of the project “Meat from Croatian farms” and signed a voluntary agreement with the Croatian Agricultural Agency about labelling packed fresh pork meat. 

Two years later, encouraged by positive responses from consumers, PIK Vrbovec signed an Agreement on voluntary labelling of fresh beef meat and is now a proud holder of the label “Meat from Croatian farms” for pork, beef and minced meat, guaranteeing the consumer the domestic origin, breeding and processing under the brand PIK.

“All this would not be possible without meeting the requirements of high standards set by the label “Meat from Croatian farms”, and PIK can fully satisfy these requirements due to the concept of traceability from field to table. Croatian farming accounts for 450 000 pigs and 40 00 beef cattle from over 100 farms located in different parts of Croatia”, said Vlasta Garašanin, Quality Control Director when receiving the award.

In the past few years, Agrokor has substantially invested into PIK Vrbovec in order to support investments into new modern technology of cutting and deboning, and packing of fresh meat, as well as into the most modern plant in this part of Europe.

PIK packed fresh meat guarantees production traceability from field to table by implementing the world's highest technological and hygienic standards, and the whole process is constantly monitored by experts. Product safety and quality is additionally reinforced by the implemented integrated quality, environmental protection and health and safety management system adhering to current international standards.

“The leading position on the market requires leadership in all segments, above all leadership regarding high standards, quality and confidence we are ensuring for our consumers on a daily basis and by tolerating no mistakes. This is why “Meat from Croatian farms” is imperative for us, and this recognition, as we were the first to recognize the value of this project, is something we are especially proud of”, added Tihana Vujčić, Marketing Director.

PIK Vrbovec, as the largest holder of the label “Meat from Croatian farms” on the Croatian red meat market and a socially responsible company, hereby encourages the development of the Croatian economy and follows the world trends regarding the promotion of local products, taking into account animal welfare on farms, as well as environmental protection.