PIK Vrbovec sold its canned pate and meat program to Podravka

Agrokor, PIK Vrbovec and Podravka executives signed contracts on the transfer of seals, recipes and equipment as well as of the meat pates and meats production and sales business.

With this, Podravka will carry on with further production and sale of canned pates and meats for all markets under existing brands. The specific brands are Piketa and Classic that, along with the broader offer of Podravka’s canned meat products certainly have significant growth potential due to their recognition and consumer acceptance.

Production will continue in Podravka’s Danica d.o.o. meat industry, given that the production for PIK Vrbovec was also carried out by Danica.

“It is our great pleasure that our partner and we could reach an agreement pertaining to the consolidation of the domestic food industry in accordance with our long term strategies. We congratulate Podravka on its decision to consolidate the canned pate and meat program as it will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency.” – said Ljerka Puljić , Senior Executive Vice President for Strategic Business Groups and Marketing.

“This arrangement should be viewed in the context of consolidation of the domestic food industry. These two leading companies are oriented towards those categories in which they will maintain or achieve leading market positions. By placing focus on the canned meat program within the Meat and meat products category, this is a logical and justified decision as we will strengthen this category and broaden the meat products range that we offer to our consumers.” – stated Zvonimir Mršić, Podravka’s President of the Management board.