PIK Vrbovec won the Best Buy award

PIK Golden cooked ham and PIK Mortadella – best price and quality ratio

Two PIK Vrbovec products – PIK Golden cooked ham and PIK Mortadella qualified at the very top of the international Best Buy certification project, as products that offer best value for money.

Only one product or service can carry the Best Buy award in each category – the one that wins the most votes by consumers. Consumer votes in Croatia decided that two, well known PIK Vrbovec products, PIK Golden cooked ham and PIK Mortadella, are products with the best price and quality ratio.

PIK Golden cooked ham is a top quality product and the first choice for customers for many years. With only 2 percent fat and high protein value it is an excellent choice for a healthy, balanced nutrition. PIK Mortadella is made from selected materials, additives and spices, according to traditional Italian recipe that is a delight for every fan of sophisticated aromas. It is important to highlight that PIK Golden cooked ham and PIK Mortadella do not contain any taste enhancers, artificial colors, gluten or soy.

“By following trends and continuously investing in product quality and, PIK Vrbovec and its market and consumer based business philosophy is a recognizable brand and a market leader in Croatia. This award additionally confirms it. We are happy that the consumers have been recognizing the quality of PIK products and have given us their trust for years, because this motivates us.” said Tihana Vujčić, director of marketing in PIK Vrbovec.

The Best Buy Award is a project of ICERITAS – International Certification Association GmbH and the main purpose of this research is to obtain an insight into the experiences and perception of Croatian population regarding product and services trademarks.