piKLUB – innovation and business process improvement system in PIK Vrbovec

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All PIK employees included in company development

Members of piKLUB

PIK Vrbovec is following the best practice of large international companies when choosing new technologies and managing the knowledge of its employees by developing its own internal innovation platform piKLUB. This is a complex system that aims to develop innovation and internal communication channels in order to collect, exchange and implement ideas of all employees with the ultimate goal to improve business processes of the company.  So far, more than 220 ideas were submitted to piKLUB, and 45 were rewarded and implemented. Many of these ideas have made every day work easier for the employees and resolved existing needs, achieved significant savings and improved and enhanced business processes.

“The management is satisfied with the work of piKLUB, as are the employees, confirmed by the internal survey with 89.1% of employees aware of the innovation system, a result of good internal communication network and the efforts of their managers, 73.1% know where to submit the idea, and 89.7% are familiar with the rewarding system. This confirms that this initiative and project is fully implemented and operational, which makes us very proud“  said Mate Štetić, CEO of PIK Vrbovec.

A large number of piKLUB ideas are connected with improvements of the existing products and new and innovative products, a trait already recognized by PIK Vrbovec consumers. For example, the idea for the popular Pikorez, that adds value to the PIKO brand and can be used as a lid and slicer, came from piKLUB.

Many ideas are related to new product launches, such as the latest new product popular PIK Ćebasa, a blend of a sausage and ćevap.

PIK Vrbovec employs nearly 2000 employees that are a valuable source of knowledge and ideas for the improvement of products, processes and technology, and piKLUB has created an environment that systematically encourages all employees to be creative and innovative and actively involve themselves into the development of the company. Each department has its piKLUB member, all members received training and are constantly available for anyone who has an idea.

At piKLUB meetings held every three weeks, the members evaluate all submitted ideas. In order to improve the innovation culture, there is a transparent rewarding system in place designed to reward employees for their constructive ideas with a positive influence on the business processes, and such implemented ideas receive financial rewards or acknowledgements.