PIKO with cheese

PIKOis without a doubt a favorite delicacy of the youngest meat product fans and, for a number of years, a top choice amongst the older fans.  This exquisite red meat product rightly bears the title “PIKO – the one and only!” where the flavor is mild but it is the red meat, highly valuable pork and beef meat, that make it a rich protein source. Everyone’s favorite PIKO is now available in a new flavor that will most certainly fulfill the expectations of most demanding PIKO lovers.Harmonious combination of soft PIKO flavor perfectly combined with smoked cheese will astonish true gourmets and amazingly complete small or large celebrations or gatherings. PIKO with cheesewill quickly become your favorite and only choice whether you want to combine it with vegetables, sliced tomatoes or fresh cucumbers, or eating it as a complete meal.Just as importantly, PIKO with cheese does not contain gluten or soya so it is a perfect and a sound choice for everyone taking care of their nutrition.PIKO with cheese