Podrum Belje’s Chardonnay Wins Silver Medal in France

At the “Chardonnay du Monde” contest, the competition of the world’s finest Chardonnays, Podrum Belje’s Chardonnay won the silver medal

Podrum Belje’s Chardonnay Wins Silver Medal in FranceChardonnay du Monde is the largest and most important world Chardonnay contest. It was held this year for the 17th time from 10-13 March. In Saint Lager in the Burgundy region of France, 300 international professional judges assessed 887 Chardonnays from 37 countries, and this was done in accordance with strict regulations. Only a third of the contestants won a medal, which points to the high standards of the evaluators at Chardonnay du Monde. A silver medal awarded to this top-rate Chardonnay is an indicator of Podrum Belje’s enormous international potential. This exquisite wine is available to all Chardonnay aficionados in retail stores and numerous restaurants around Croatia.

Podrum Belje’s Chardonnay Wins Silver Medal in FranceCHARDONNAY 2008, PODRUM BELJE The top-rate Chardonnay by Podrum Belje is a sombre yellowish wine, dense and consistent. Its intense fruity smell has characteristics of nuts, lemon balm and grapefruit. Its taste is strong, full and rounded, with a fine balance between the basic components. The richness of senses and potential provide this wine with longevity. Serve it with white meat, pasta and it also goes well with white fish.