Polyclinic Aviva introduces new Members of the Board of Directors


Zvonko Kusić, FCA – new President of the Board of Directors

Dr. Sc. Sandra Morović, Neurology Specialist – new Medical Director of Poliklinika Aviva

The traditional meeting of Croatian doctors was held at Aviva Polyclinic where new Members of the Aviva Polyclinic Board of Directors were introduced. Zvonko Kusić, FCA, is the new President of Aviva Polyclinic Board of Directors and Dr. Sc. Sandra Morović, Neurology Specialist, is the new Medical Director. By introducing the new members the management team of the Aviva Polyclinic has been strengthened, while announcing a further step forward in the business activities of private polyclinic that will place its focus on further enhancing the quality of medical services and customer satisfaction, as well as strengthening the scientific work segment by connecting with foreign and domestic institutions. Alongside doctors from Aviva Polyclinic, the event was attended by academicians, chief physicians, professors, docents and doctors from public and private institutions and various branches of medicine, who used this opportunity to exchange their professional experience and ideas.

Academician Zvonko Kustić, the new President of the Board of Directors of Aviva Polyclinic, highlighted in his address: “The vision of Aviva Polyclinic is to become an institution that provides complete top-notch service in medical diagnostics and individualized therapy, while using the latest scientific and expert know-how and keeping the patient always in the center of attention. It is also a great pleasure to announce that Aviva Polyclinic will intensify its scientific activities and cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, and that prevention and rehabilitation will also become part of Aviva’s activities.”

Dr. Sc. Sandra Morović, Neurology Specialist and new Medical Director of Aviva Polyclinic, said in her welcoming speech: “In today’s accelerated lifestyle and added value surroundings, private healthcare not only ensures that there are no waiting lists and the reception is kind, but it also means the service provided will be according to worldwide healthcare guidelines. I believe that doctor meetings such as this one lead to the improvement of Aviva Polyclinic business activities and its recognition as a provider of premium healthcare, with the finest experts and other medical personnel.”

Alongside the medical director of Aviva Polyclinic, Dr. Sc. Sandra Morović, guests were also greeted by Slaven Janečić, Managing Director of Aviva Polyclinic who highlighted on this occasion: “The healthcare system is here to help people and it is a calling and passion to all of us. Unfortunately, there are always going to be people in need of healthcare and the best way we can help them is by investing into knowledge, providing quality service and by good cooperation at all levels of the healthcare system. We are here to help them or direct them to the right address with the aim to solve their health problems in the best and the fastest way possible.”