Pre-production of highly nutritive pork meat started in Belje

A new project of Agrokor and Belje starting pre-production of highly nutritive pork meat was presented in Belje today. Agrokor as a leading group in the region continuously invests in developing new products, devoting close attention to products that provide consumers with added value. In cooperation with experts from the University of Agriculture, a project on developing pork meat containing a high degree of omega 3 fatty acids was launched in Belje last year. Such meat contains a more favourable ratio between Ω 6 - Ω 3 fatty acids, which ranks such meat as new functional food at the top within meat products. The up-to-date food technology that Belje employs on its pig farms provided the research, which showed that special food technologies allow changing ratios between interest nutrients in the product, i.e., to be more specific, fatty acids in pork meat.

After the analysis period was completed the project started with pre-production that would take up to one year. When research results have been confirmed in pre-production, a new line of functional pork products will be launched on the market. New trends in producing and consuming food will provide highly nutritive pork meat with a niche on both the domestic and EU markets as Agrokor has pioneered production of such pork meat in Europe. The meat is produced by using modern technologies and selected field crops of controlled quality from Belje’s own fields. Throughout the production chain from primary production to the processing stage, sustainable modern technologies are applied guaranteeing a valuable, safe and high-quality product.