Prestige gold medals for Ol Istria Ascolana and Picholine


Ol Istria oils among the best at a competition in Israel

At the Terra Olivo 2015 international competition of extra virgin olive oils in Israel, Ol Istria Ascolana and Picholine won Prestige gold medals. The Terra Olivo competition held in Jerusalem is considered the third most important event for creating an overall ranking of extra virgin olive oils in the world.

The competition features more than 500 oil samples from 17 countries that were graded by leading global judges from three continents which additionally affirms the success of Ol Istria oils.

International awards for Ol Istria oils are proof of continuity and quality in Agrolaguna’s oil production and serve as support to the export strategy as demanding global markets only seek products of tested and proven quality.

Agrolaguna’s extra virgin olive oil has been a synonym and a standard of quality of Istrian olive oils for years. All oils are made by processing olives from own olive orchards and are rich in natural antioxidants.