„Pride of Velpro“ employees in BiH

Thirteen employees of Velpro in Bosnia and Herzegovina received the “Pride of Velpro” award. They were recognized by the company for special contribution they made and their proactive attitude in performing tasks at work and for spreading positive energy within the company and while working with outside partners. 

The “Pride of Velpro” for 2016 are: 
Nataša Aladžuz - Prodanović, Muris Hećo, Mirza Omanović, Amela Kananović, Samir Bijedić, Amel Vladavić, Mate Zelenika, Renata Šimić, Alaga Softić, Miroslav Sabranović, Betina Skoko, Biljana Matković, Milivojka Vidović.

The „Pride of Velpro“ awards were presented to employees by Adnan Šteta, managing director of Velpro BiH. Velpro management uses an employee results system to reward devoted employees with desire to improve and learn constantly.