Again this summer Ledo has prepared for its consumers a prize winning contest with an impressive prize selection. The contest "Ledo Treasure - Certain Pleasure" shall start on 01 May 2001 until 15 September 2001. The official rules and regulations of the contest were advertised in the daily newspaper Jutarnji List on 28 April 2001. In the contest "Ledo Treasure - Certain Pleasure" there are instant prizes as well as prizes in drawing rounds. Each participant can win an instant prize by collecting symbols on the ice-cream sticks and/or cone wrappers with an appropriate symbol engraved to match the winning combination for an individual prize. The instant prizes are: Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes C-Class; Mercedes C-Coupe; Mercedes CLK, Mercedes SLK. Each participant in the drawing contests must collect a total of 20 points engraved on the ice cream sticks and/or cone wrappers and send them to Ledo. The prizes shall be drawn in one of three drawing rounds. The drawings shall be held on 01 June and 01 July as well as a final drawing at 15 September 2001. The final drawing will also include all instant prizes that have not been claimed until 01 September 2001.