Project Playgrounds back to Children

Opening of the first of 17 playgrounds in Zagreb

Mr Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb and Mr Josip Zaher, President of the Konzum Management Board have today opened the first children's playground in Črnomerec and thus launched the Project Playgrounds back to Children, within which Konzum and the City of Zagreb are going to provide a quality playground in each of 17 city districts of Zagreb.

Besides Konzum as an initiator and investor of the ProjectPlaygrounds back to Childrenand the City of Zagreb, which ensured the city areas for construction of the playgrounds, the other companies engaged in the Project are the Zrinjevac Company, which provides horticultural works, the Regoč Company, which supplies equipment and toys for children's playgrounds as well as Agrokor and Jamnica, which have redistributed their budget for purchase of Christmas and New Year's gifts for business partners this year and have thus increased the budget of the whole campaign. Konzum and the City Government had been preparing this Project for a year. At the opening ceremony Mr Milan Bandić said the following: "The goal of this campaign is to set the playgrounds in order. Besides this one another 16 new playgrounds are going to be built in Zagreb thanks to the excellent co-operation and extraordinary engagement of Konzum and the City of Zagreb including our partners in the Project the Regoč and Zrinjevac Companies. We would like this Project to be realised in other towns and counties. Therefore, I would like to ask other town and county governments to provide areas for playgrounds following the example of the City of Zagreb and contact Konzum with their suggestions." At the presentation of theProject Playgrounds back to Children Mr Josip Zaher stated the following: "I would take this opportunity to invite all the business partners of Konzum to join this campaign and thus ensure a happier and carefree childhood to the youngest ones." The first playground within theProject Playgrounds back to Children is situated near the building of the Super Konzum store in Ilica 288 and is to be used by all the children in the neighbourhood, who do not have similar playgrounds, including their families. The playground with the surface area of 1,600 sq. m is designed as a semi-opened playground consisting of two parts depending on the age of children, for those between the age 1-3 and for those between the age of 3-12. The playground in Črnomerec provides a wide range of facilities and toys, which comprise the highest standards and security norms, high quality, design and environmental protection. All the surfaces of the playing facilities are covered by anti-stress layers, which provide the highest level of security of children and prevent them from injuries, enabling them at the same time to completely enjoy the play such as pulling through, crawling, running and alike. The ProjectPlaygrounds back to Children offers the area where the youngest citizens of Zagreb will be able to play and be with their age-fellows feeling carefree, which will directly contribute to the improved life quality of the children and their families and meet their needs and interest in play, movement and development, comprising the children of all ages.