Recommendations for the new organizational structure of Agrokor following the acquisition of Mercator


After the acquisition of Mercator, Agrokor shall in the forthcoming period align its organizational structure in several steps.

Thus upon expiration of the term of office for Agrokor's former Supervisory Board Members, new members to be proposed to the Shareholders' Meeting, alongside Ivan Todorić, shall be Ljerka Puljić, Damir Kuštrak, Tomislav Lučić and Tanja Rukavina. Their long-standing experience shall provide strong support to the work of the Company's Supervisory Board.

The tasks previously perfomed by aforesaid Management Board Members of Agrokor shall henceforth be  taken over by its other Vice Presidents. The Finance Department shall thus be merged with the Department of Strategy and Capital Markets, in the competence of Vice President Ivan Crnjac. The management of operations in the fields of responsibility of Ljerka Puljić and Damir Kuštrak shall be allocated between Vice Presidents Ante Todorić, Hrvoje Balent and Mislav Galić.

In order to appropriately support the Group's altered business structure and secure the basis for growth and development, in the second stage the company shall get prepared for two new Management Board functions – IT and Logistics.