Renewed Super Konzum in Zadar

Super Konzum Zadar.JPG

A renewed Super Konzum store was opened in Zadar. A new sales concept and an upgraded assortment were introduced in this new supermarket that employs 72 people. Boris Dobrić, Konzum regional director, presented a donation of 30.000 kn to Humanitarian Supermarket of St. Frane monastery in Zadar. The donation was received by Tanja and Igor Baslov, the founders of this humanitarian initiative.

The renewed supermarket has a retail surface of 3.600 square meters and significantly improved fresh produce department with a rich offer of organic fruit and vegetables; as well as meat department and a bakery which bakes over 100 types of bread and pastries daily. Special attention was given to renewing the fresh fish department, which now has a bigger offer specially highlighting fish purchased from local suppliers. The store is equipped with 17 cash registers, 4 of which are “self-service” and it offers many innovative services such as utilities payment, cash withdrawal, lottery tickets, etc.