Renewed Super Konzum opened in Rovinj

donacija Grad Rovinj.jpg

Konzum donated 25.000 kn to Valbruna kindergarten and 5.000 kn to “Žena – Donna” association

A renewed Super Konzum store was opened today in Rovinj. Edita Sošić Blažević, Head of Administration Department of Social Services of the city of Rovinj, Jure Radoš, Konzum’s director of trading and category management and Josip Grgić, director of marketing of Konzum attended a press conference that was held for this occasion. Konzum made a donation of 25.000 kn to the city of Rovinj intended for the renewal of Valbruna kindergarten.

The Super Konzum store in Rovinj follows the latest standards in retail. More than 1.300 square meters of newly arranged sales area gives the customers access to an assortment of over 18.000 products presented in a way befitting the most modern product placement. The fresh meat and fresh fruit and vegetables departments were significantly upgraded, the store now offers a bigger selection of organic food, and over 100 kinds of bread and pastries are baked daily in the new bakery department. Special attention was given to renewing the fresh fish department, which now has a bigger offer specially highlighting fish purchased from local, Istrian fishermen.

Konzum is operating successfully in Istria since 2000 with 46 stores in the region and currently employs more than 500 employees. The number of Konzum stores in Istria was significantly increased in the previous year and the standards in the stores were raised to a higher level. Super Konzum shops in Pula and Rovinj are currently the most modern Super Konzum shops in Croatia.

Konzum gives special attention to promoting local Istrian suppliers. In today’s conference a new “Flavors of Istria” product line was introduced which Konzum developed with Istrian suppliers. More than 50 products from “Flavors of Istria” line are now available to Konzum shoppers, including the famous Istrian truffles, pasta and olive oil.

“By launching a special line of domestic Istrian products Konzum shows appreciation to Istrian manufacturing tradition and the wealth of taste this region has to offer. This product line supports domestic production and especially small manufacturers from Istria, while offering top quality domestic products at reasonable prices to our customers.” – said Jure Radoš, director of trading and category management in Konzum.

On this occasion, during the media conference, Konzum also presented the results of „It’s good to do good deeds“, a project that allows the customers and employees in 13 Istrian cities to choose local associations and projects to which Konzum will make a donation. Majority of Konzum's customers in Rovinj voted for the Association of women suffering from breast cancer, their families and friends „Žena – Donna“ and Konzum donated 5.000 kn to the association.