Renowned wine expert Oz Clarke thrilled with Vina Laguna Malvasia

Milan Budinski i Oz Clarke.jpg

The first Masterclass workshop under the guidance of Oz Clarke was held in Agrolaguna for 15 top class sommeliers

Oz Clarke, one of the most influential wine experts and publicists in the world, visited Agrolaguna where he toured its wine cellars accompanied by Milan Budinski, Vina Laguna head oenologist, and also participated in tastings and workshops.

The first Masterclass workshop held on this occasion was led by Oz Clarke and Milan Budinski and titled “Vertical tasting of premium Malvasia vintages 2010 – 2015” – it gathered fifteen top sommeliers from famous Istrian hotels and restaurants.

Oz Clarke did not hide how thrilled he was with Vina Laguna Malvasia wines: “The progress these wines made in the past several years is truly amazing. After the first tasting we have agreed that they have plenty of potential. Thanks to the work and the modern approach and also to something special these grapes have, after 5-6 years they have grown into an irresistible refreshing drink.” He concluded his review on Vina Laguna Malvasia with the sentence “Malvasia – the drink!”

Milan Budinski, head oenologist at Vina Laguna highlighted: “Except the pleasure of tasting and commenting wines in the company of a world class wine expert, this cooperation with Oz Clarke provides an opportunity to keep the pace up with the global wine scene, to follow what and how the rest of the world does and try to do better than them, while always keeping in mind the value of our own wine identity as a region and as wine makers.”

Goran Kramarić, Agrolaguna managing director, on this occasion made a reminder that since Agrolaguna became part of the Agrokor Group in 2004, more than EUR 30 million had been invested in new vineyards, the most modern technology for wine production and in education. Agrolaguna vineyards stretch over 610 acres of surface, of which 500 new acres were planted in 2004 alone.

Oz Clarke used his visit to Istria to sightsee Poreč, visit the Euphrasian Basilica and Vinski podrum, a wine cellar owned by the city of Poreč that is located underneath the Istrian Parliament and has a capacity of 250.000 liters of wine and that was used by Agrolaguna in the past.