Research on the use of byproducts in wine production for production of quality raw materials for other industries

Agrolaguna's Eco-products

A joint project between Agrolaguna and Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb (PBF) that was researching the possibilities of converting grape husk into a quality raw material for food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry was successfully completed. Husk is a byproduct of wine production that would normally end up in compost or waste and this project’s aim was to explore extra financial potential as well as the positive effect to ecological aspects of wine production process. A project named “ The use of innovative technologies for isolation of bioactive compounds from organic waste in wine production” had a total value of HRK 4,23 million and 85% of that amount was financed from EU structural funds and the rest from budget of Republic of Croatia.

The research results were presented at a project closing conference held on Friday, January 29th 2016 in Zagreb. The Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology was leading the project and Agrolaguna contributed as an industrial partner to the scientific institution.

Finding a technological solution for processing organic waste from wine production with the end mean to reduce harmful effects on the environment was one of the leading goals set for this project, alongside strengthening the scientific research capacity of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology by procurement of new equipment as well as a more effective knowledge transfer from scientific-research sector into the economy. Most countries in the region have well developed wine industries that also have problems with wine and grape waste disposal. This is the reason why the results of this research with development and application of new technologies and know how can have a significant effect to the productivity of companies and the economy of the entire region and Croatia can position itself as an ecologically responsible country and a leader in sustainable business development.

By implementing this project a base was created that allows for the research to expand to other byproducts in food industry such as organic waste from production of olive oil, apple, cherry, tomatoes, etc.  

PBF and Agrokor Group signed a cooperation agreement in 2004 that expresses a mutual interest for creating a relationship whose aim is to develop a direct cooperation in joint projects within those segments where both partners have an interest, as well as connecting scientists and experts in their accomplishments.

PBF is a research institution that has scientific research knowledge, qualifications and research equipment while Agrolaguna d.d. is a company experienced in wine production that has the production capacity, experienced oenologists, raw materials and the equipment needed to produce wine. This is the reason for this partnership to increase the odds for successfully developing new products with nutritive value, the extraction and use of valuable organic materials from wine production byproducts.