Salt from Pag is a nationally protected product


The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, upon request of the company Solana Pag, made a Decision on Transitional National Protection of the Name “Paška sol” (Salt from Pag) – Protected Designation of Origin, that will be valid until the European Commission completes the registration process for the designation of origin at EU level.

Product names protected with transitional national protection such as the protected designation of origin, have equal legal protection compared to products protected at European Union level, the only difference being that this protection is carried out on a national level and is only valid in the territory of Republic of Croatia. For the duration of the transitional national protection, it is only allowed to market products under the protected name if they receive Confirmation of product conformity with Product Specification from an authorized government body.

Solana Pag made its request for designation of origin of “Paška sol” in September last year. Following legal procedures and after the request itself as well as the product specifications were validated by the Expert Committee and several changes and amendments to the request were made by the applicant, the request was approved in May this year. This was followed by a legal period of 2 months to allow for objections regarding the request to the competent Ministry. Given that no objections were received, the Ministry of Agriculture passed the Decision on Transitional National Protection of the Name “Paška sol” – Protected Designation of Origin on August 8th 2016.

The proceedings for conformity assessment of products are about to start, carried out by a control body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, after which Solana Pag, aided by the Ministry’s intermediation, will send a request to register the protected designation of origin for the name “Paška sol” at EU level.

“It is a great honor and responsibility to have our “crystal” product protected and to receive a transitional national protection of the  product name “Paška sol” – protected designation of origin. Having a protected designation of origin will enable us to better position our salt in all markets and guarantee our customers the highest original product quality”, said Zlatan Koritnik, Managing Director of Solana Pag.