Senja Majnović from Tisak receives Pride of Croatia Award


(Foto: Davor Javorović/Pixsell)

People whose good deeds inspire many others received recognition at Pride of Croatia Award ceremony

The 11th annual Pride of Croatia Award ceremony was held at the Hypo center in Zagreb where awards were presented to individuals whose selfless good deeds have helped many and inspired many others. One of 25 this year’s Pride of Croatia Award winners is also Tisak’s employee Senja Majnović.

Last fall a retiree called Ilija, while paying utility bills at Tisak’s kiosk in Vinkovci, left an envelope containing €1.000 among the newspapers. Senja Majnović, Tisak’s employee made sure that the money would be returned into the hands of its rightful owner. This selfless act and humane gesture by colleague Majnović caught the attention of some Croatian internet portals and the public attention led to her nomination for the Pride of Croatia Award.

“The customer payed his utility bill with money from the envelope. He kept the confirmation slip, took his bag and left. Suddenly I noticed two more envelopes. I froze when I saw a bundle of euros in one of them”, said Senja Majnović.
She immediately started searching for him, but he was already gone. “I remembered the slip and found his name there, then searched for his contact online and called him. I asked him was he at Tisak just now and when he confirmed I told him to come back because he left something valuable. He stuttered and said he’s coming back right away. I asked him what did he lose, he said: “an envelope with money”. His face lit up when I returned it. He said there was €1.000 inside and it was his pension he just collected from the bank.”, said Senja, who works at Tisak for six years and often finds and returns lost items. But she never found this much money or received this much gratitude. She admits she was a bit scared when she saw a large amount in the envelope. She did not even want to count the money. 
“I didn’t think of keeping the money for one moment. No happiness can come from that. And I know how I would feel if I’ve lost only HRK100 and someone returned them to me”, said Senja modestly who refused to accept any financial rewards that Ilija offered to her out of gratitude.
“She is my angel. Rare people would return this much money. She didn’t even want to take a reward. She said she prays to St. Anthony who is my protector as well so I’ve bought her a silver necklace with St. Anthony on the pendant to thank her”, said Ilija.

(Photo: Davor Javorovic/Pixell)

“Jana - Water with a message” is supporting Pride of Croatia project from the beginning so Jasna Mikačić, Marketing director in Jamnica who attended the ceremony commented: “Jana – Water with a message financially supported more than 40 associations and non-profit organizations through humanitarian activities and also supported projects such as Pride of Croatia whose authors are people with big hearths ready to help others. That is the reason Jana - Water with a message joined Pride of Croatia from the start since it is a project that draws attention and empowers human beings and their kindness for years, highlighting individuals who place needs of others before their personal needs believing that doing good deeds is a power that moves us every day. By returning the money, Mrs. Majnović confirmed the message “Do good deeds and good things will happen to you” which Jana - Water with a message is using as a slogan for its humanitarian activities for third year in a row.”

We wish to congratulate our colleague Senja Majnović and thank her for doing the right thing and inspiring others with this humane gesture.

(Photo: Davor Puklavec/Pixell)