Seventh meeting of the Temporary Creditor's Council

Today, seventh meeting of the Temporary Creditor' Council was held in Agrokor. The agenda included corrections and amendments in regards to  payments determined by the  decisions from July 26th and August 31st in the segment of matured debt payment to micro suppliers that were made prior to the Extraordinary administration. Also, decisions have been made related to approval of payments of matured claims to other suppliers  that were made before the Extraordinary administration, that refer to corrections and amendments regarding payments determined by Council’s decision from August 31st 2017.

Also, the approval was given to pay matured claims to suppliers that were presented to the Council for the first time today. This refers to suppliers that were not encompassed by earlier requests, due to the harmonization of records, correction of incorrectly classified size of the company or as a result of a validity of claim that was accepted at a later date. The amount that was additionally approved today for the so called Pool A (small suppliers) is HRK 1,084,796.22. Payment of the transactions that were approved today will begin on Monday.

Today’s meeting of the Temporary Creditors’ Council was attended by Marica Vidaković as representative of the “large suppliers” creditor group, Mato Brlošić as representative of the “small suppliers” creditor group, representatives of Knighthead Capital Management, LLC as representatives of the “bond holders” creditor group, representatives of Sberbank as representatives of the “unsecured creditors” creditor group and representatives of Zagrebačka banka d.d. as representatives of the “secured creditors” creditor group, along with Ante Ramljak, Extraordinary Trustee for Agrokor.

The Council was informed that Agrokor and PwC are near the finalization of a complex task of preparing and auditing consolidated financial reports of the Agrokor Group that consists of more than 40 companies in several countries and that the audited consolidated financial reports are expected to be published by the end of next week.