Smart Drinks – New functional drinks from Jamnica

Combining the traditional notion of diet as the best way of maintaining health together with contemporary trends and new discoveries in the field of nutrition, on 20 March 2008, Jamnica is launching a new healthy and tasty product onto the market. From this date, the "the big four" SMART functional drinks will be introduced onto the shelves of big stores.

Smart Drinks – New functional drinks from JamnicaEach of the SMART varieties is enriched with different nutrients, all of which have beneficial health effects:Smart Antiox strengthens the whole organism and helps the body fight disease;Smart Active increases the level of physical and mental wellbeing and boosts vitality;Smart Snack is the optimum replacement for a snack between meals and has beneficial effects on the digestive system;Smart Fit helps you achieve and maintain an ideal body weight. SMART drinks are bottled at the Sveta Jana plant using state-of-the-art aseptic technology which makes it possible to create products with completely natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial food colorings or aromas, sweetened by natural fruit sugars and last, but not least, based on natural Jana spring water. They are bottled in 0.33 l PET bottles in which the original stability and quality of the product are well preserved. The new shrink-sleeve label contributes to the visual appeal of the packaging. With this new product, Jamnica has once again demonstrated that it follows global trends and sets standards in the innovation of soft drinks both on the Croatian market and markets in the region as a whole.