Soccer club Jamnica from Pisarovina


Jamnička Kiselica sports society was founded in 1975. One of its sections was a soccer team that played its first game in the local Jastrebarsko soccer league. One year later, the founding meeting of Soccer club was held. The club founders were Ivan Mioković, Tomica Kovačić, Josip Lažnjak, Vlado Mikša, Stjepan Stupljanec and several others, all employees of Jamnica. The bond between employees and the club exists to this day as the majority of players and managers in the club were Jamnica employees and their children.

FC Jamnička Kiselica 1975 on the soccer field in Mladina: from left side: Juraj Turković, Stjepan Radinić, Tomo Mikša,  Juraj Vuksan, Ivica Karas, Tomo Grebenić, Slavko Tatar-Gringo, Janko Šoški, Marko Britvec, Tomica Kovačić, Ivan Mioković, Ante Markulin, Vilko Neznanović, Tomo Blažina, Ivica Krpan

The club operates in the area under Zagreb county football association and has so far won 20 championship trophies and 5 fair play trophies. Some of those should be highlighted:

First championship won: season 1979/80. The double crown goes to Pisarovina.

2004/05 A season to remember: Season Champions and Cup winners with a perfect score!

Season 2006/07 Seniors win 1st place in County first league

In 2002 FC Jamnica started its soccer school for children and youth in 6 age categories and since then they have won 13 1st place trophies in various league and cup competitions.

Throughout the 40 years of its activities, the club always had a close connection with Jamnica d.d. company (previously named Jamnička Kiselica): “In the club, there are currently 80 players between ages 8 and 18 that are actively practicing with 4 coaches in 4 age categories. The club’s vision is that its youth has to be its foundation. We gave ourselves a goal to attract another 30 young players in the next several years and in this way fill in all our age categories with sufficient players. The foundation of this club is work with the youth while the senior teams are just a reflection of that. I hope that in the future we will continue to progress and to grow as a club to become more attractive to young people from neighboring places.”, said Damir Krpan, President of FC Jamnica.

Season 2006/07 Seniors win 1st place in County first league