St. Vincent's celebrated in Belje


Vina Belje celebrated the holiday of St. Vincent in their vineyards and modern winery

St. Vincent’s holiday, also called Vinceška by Baranya locals, was celebrated in the presence of a large number of guests in Vina Belje's winery located on Banovo Brdo in Baranya. Like every year, Vinceška represents the beginning of pruning in the vineyards and with it the beginning of a new vineyard season. The first pruning of the season in Vina Belje vineyards was led by Ljerka Puljić, member of the Supervisory Board in Agrokor and Goran Miličević, managing director of Vina Belje. The vines, decorated with Baranjski kulen and sausage were blessed by Gyula Andraši, a priest from Kneževi Vinogradi, with wishes that this to be another prosperous year.

On this occasion, Ljerka Puljić emphasized the following: “We are happy with the results of last year’s harvest and we continue our development strategy. In the past 10 years, since Vina Belje are a part of Agrokor Group, we have renewed 75% of vineyard plantation and opened a new, modernized winery valued at HRK 150 million. The average age of our vineyards is 11 years at the moment and we plan to further renew the vineyards in the following years.”

Vina Belje are entering a new vineyard year with numerous prizes from the most prestigious domestic and international wine shows and fairs – cabernet sauvignon is the best positioned Croatian red wine in Vinske zvijezde (Wine stars) 2015. competition, Golberg chardonnay was declared champion at Vino Slovenia 2015., and Goldberg graševina won two gold medals at the Mundus Vini 2015. competition held in Germany.

This series of awards resulted in export growth and opened new markets for Vina Belje – one of the largest quality wine producers in Croatia, making all of its wines from own grapes that are grown in 650 acres of vineyards located in Croatian Danube region.