State-of-the-art technology of pig-breeding in Baranja

Belje opens two new modern pig-breeding farms worth HRK 140 mil.

Belje has today opened two new pig-breeding farms, built and equipped in a record time of 150 days. The farms will use state-of-the-art technology in the production of pigs in Baranja. The farms are completely in line with the contemporary requirements and regulations of European pig-breeding standards and are the first of their kind in Croatia, marking the beginning of a new, modern concept of pig-breeding within the Agrokor Group.

The investments in buildings, infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment supplied by world-known manufacturers and the main pig herd amount to HRK 70 mil. each, totalling HRK 140 mil. for both farms.

The nucleus farm Brod Pustara with a capacity of 1,400 sows is expected to become the base of future development of pig-breeding in Belje thanks to the world's best genetics, which will enable the creation of high-quality genetic material in their own production. As a nucleus farm, Brod Pustara is ranked among the world's top pig-breeding farms and in terms of its equipment and capacity it will be the most important farm of the kind in Croatia. The pig-breeding farm of Malo Kneževo also has a capacity of 1,400 sows, while the production is focused on further fattening.

At the opening ceremony in Brod Pustara it was highlighted that both farms met the strict demands determined by environmental protection measures and environment monitoring programs. In addition to this Belje is intensively introducing an integrated system of environment and quality control according to the international norms ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000, which will contribute to better monitoring of all important environmental aspects and prevention of negative impacts on the environment. Belje has thus proved that it entirely follows Agrokor's Environment Management Policy, which is based on an organised and professional management of systems according to the principles of sustainable development.