Statement by Ivica Todorić, President of the Agrokor Group

Dear colleagues, employees of the Agrokor Group, business associates, partners, esteemed members of the public, I would like to inform you that the Management Board of Agrokor, headed by me, has filed for the procedure in accordance with the Law on Extraordinary Management Proceedings in Companies of Systemic Significance for the Republic of Croatia. I have made this decision in the conviction that this is in the best interest of every single employee, partner, supplier, any other stakeholder and the entire economy. I extend my sincere thanks to all employees, close associates and partners with whom I have built the most significant company in the history of the Republic of Croatia. All these years, including the recent extremely challenging times, I have given my best to secure the stability of the company, preserve more than 60 thousand jobs and provide for the viability and prosperity of the entire Agrokor Group. I once again invite everyone able to make a contribution for Agrokor to smoothly continue its operations, to preserve jobs and enable further development, to do everything in their power to make this come true. I have invested fourty years of my life into building Croatia and the region and I take pride in the fact that with my signature today I have handed over all that I have built to the Croatian state.

In gratitude,

Ivica Todorić