New Sponsorship Agreement signed

Ivica Todorić, President of the Agrokor Group and Branko Grgić, President of the Croatian Soccer Club Hajduk, signed a new Sponsorship Agreement today at the Presidential Salon at Poljud. This time again the Agreement has been signed for a period of two years, with both parties undertaking to cooperate in marketing and promote the name of Agrokor during all Hajduk's games. The first Sponsorship Agreement between Hajduk and Agrokor was signed in August 2002. Since then both parties to this Agreement have made significant improvements, Hajduk by winning the prestigious title of the Croatian champion and Agrokor by growing from the then leading private Croatian company to the leading regional company with productions and subsidiaries in almost all countries of the region. Any sportsman can take pride in wearing the name of Agrokor on his chest. Completely aware of its leadership strength and through it the responsibility towards the community, apart from significant investments in science, education and culture Agrokor has also invested in sports in order to provide young and talented athletes with continuous support to freely develop their talents and promote the name of Croatia accross the world. By investing in sports, in this particular case soccer, Agrokor is aware that it also contributes and helps raising the interest of children and young people for this activity. Agrokor's support has provided the Croatian soccer club Hajduk with the required stability and safety and by its excellent results Hajduk has justified the trust and the funds invested in its development. Today Agrokor and Hajduk are the leading names in business and sports, known also beyond the borders of Croatia.