Super Konzum Radnička and Mercator Šiška among the 15 best shops according to IGD recommendation


IGD, a leading expert organization in retail, published a list of fifteen stores in the world that one should visit in 2017. Among the stores located across the world, from Sydney to Toronto, Buenos Aires and Shanghai, this prestigious list also showcases Mercator Šiška and Konzum Radnička. IGD regularly monitors and analyzes events in retail around the world and this time they have visited the stores themselves and analyzed retailers in more than twenty countries. The fact that Agrokor stores are included in the list confirms that Agrokor’s retail creates new trends in retail business, not only regionally, but globally as well. “We wish for both stores to set an example and become leaders in the advanced shopping concept.”, said Ante Todorić, Deputy President of Agrokor Group.

Super Konzum Radnička was opened at the end of last year and Mercator Šiška at the end of July this year. Wide assortment and offer of services, from florist to pharmacist, as well as the interesting way in which the stores display the preparation of pizza, bread and pastry, numerous innovations and new experience that these stores offer are highlighted by IGD experts as key comparative advantages of the stores.

“Super Konzum Radnička is one of the most modern stores in the region that offers to its customers a wide selection of various products and services, but it is also a place where shopping becomes an adventure. One year since the opening of this exceptional store I can confirm that it has, thanks to the effort of its employees and the loyalty of its customers, justified all expectations. The recognition received from IGD is a motivation for us to continue introducing the latest trends and innovations in our retail business”, said Slavko Ledić, CEO of Konzum.

“We are proud that international experts have recognized the effort that Mercator has invested in dictating new trends in retail. The refurbished Mercator Šiška store is one of the most modern stores in the broader region and it allows the customers to have a unique shopping experience. With it, we have introduced entertainment and pleasure into our marketing mix. Five months after store opening I can say that our customers, suppliers and business partners have accepted our new shopping model very well”, commented Toni Balažič, CEO of Mercator.

IGD – a prestigious reference in retail 
IGD is an independent non-profit research and educational organization that helps retailers respond to customer needs in global retail industry. IGD also provides insight and guidelines through reliable relationships in the entire supply chain, through investment in people’s skills in the retail industry and by creating a safe and sustainable public benefit through the exchange of best practice. IGD assembles a wide network of distributers, production companies and service providers and its international influence is strengthened by cooperation with experts from Britain, Asia and North America. It is important to emphasize that the money that it makes from selling studies, the organization returns to the retail industry through humanitarian activities.

Based on a global retail store visit program, the international organization IGD declared fifteen best retail stores that are creating trends in retail. Among the stores in the world that one should visit in 2017  are also Mercator Šiška and Super Konzum Radnička, confirming their position in the domestic and international markets.

Where shopping becomes an adventure
Unique shopping experience is becoming an important factor in future retailer success. Consumers can now purchase many products at different places, including the e-commerce channel. Traditional stores however still represent a space in which products can gain new dimensions. Today’s consumers are constantly searching for new ways of making their everyday life easier, reducing stress, having more time and enjoying what they do. This trend is followed by both Konzum as the largest retail chain in Croatia and Mercator as the largest retail chain in Slovenia.

Besides the purchase of products, the modern store is offering content that reflects entertainment, cuisine, health and beauty. Mercator Šiška and Super Konzum Radnička both offer exactly such experience; they are not just a neutral space with products on shelves, but a place that affects all senses. Agrokor retail will continue to develop new concepts and invest into its retail network with special emphasis on the shopping experience